Drying Silos after Cleaning

Dehumidifying storage containers efficiently 

After the bulk material which is hygroscopic is transferred the silos need to be cleaned to prepare it for the storage of a fresh batch of products. In many cases, the silos are immediately required as soon as they are emptied hence cleaning and drying need to happen almost simultaneously. The silos must be cleaned with water before a new batch of material is stored. In order to make it usable sooner than later, we recommend our customers to use absorption dryers from our company. 

Once the silos are cleaned we must have to count on them to be fully dried before anything is stored once again. Failing to do so can damage the new bulk material because of the moisture from the beginning. Letting the silos to dry naturally can really take up a lot of time and hence the absorption dryers come into play. Using an absorption dryer in pharmaceutical and chemical industries is the best and time-efficient solution to get all dried out silos. Our high-performance dryers are perfect appliances for such types of silos.

High-performance absorption dryers for every silo

Our high-performance absorption dryers come with two different airflow ducts with an easy to adjust the system. The internal heat recovery ability of the appliance is second to none which comes with great levels of resilience and performance. These are the reasons why our absorption dryers are considered to be the most economical dryers of their kind.  We provide our customers with both stationary and mobile adsorption dryers. But generally, for the drying purpose of the silos, our mobile version which comes with a transport frame is the most popular model among the customers. These dryers have some of the most impressive stats that you will ever see with the capability of dehumidifying around 177 kg of moisture at 20 degrees Celsius and 60 percent of humidity. We also have the stainless steel version of the model.

Measurement system with fan hoses to enhance the overall system

It is best to install full-scale designed air hoses that complement high-performance absorption dryers. Our high-quality air hoses are designed to do just that. We also provide many hand-held measuring devices mainly data loggers and Thermo hygrometers which aids the absorption dryers to work at the optimum level. With the help of the measurement devices, one can always keep on monitoring the performance of the device easily.

Drafting and test run beforehand

We not only sell our products to the pharmaceutical industries and chemical industries but we also help them to lay out detailed plans for the drying process of silos beforehand. We run various tests and trials before settling in the best system to get the optimum results. Our beforehand tests help to confirm that the customers are really satisfied with what they are getting. Ambale Dehumidifiers are available all around New Zealand in cities such as Wellington, Auckland, Northland, Tauranga, Hamilton, etc. Please contact us on +64220617007 for any queries or just send us an email at info@ambale.co.nz