Solutions for Onshore Wind Turbines

Preventing corrosion during transportation and storage

One of the most essential elements for the revenue and profitability in the wind turbine is the uptime. But the main challenge for onshore wind turbines is the climate in which they generally have to operate which are remote and have challenging climatic conditions. The onshore wind turbines are also usually located in places where transporting them can be quite tough. Some of the challenges you might have to face due to high humidity level are:

  • Nacelles and towers may be affected by air laden with moist air which is also corrosive in nature.
  • During transportation, the equipment has to go through various weather conditions for a long period of time during which corrosion can occur in this equipment. The same can happen during the storage of the equipment.
  • The coatings, mechanicals, electronics, and the structure can be badly affected by moisture-related problems.
  • The revenue of the onshore wind turbine can be negatively impacted because of the frequent interruption in the service.
  • It can be quite challenging to keep the nacelles and towers in good condition until ready for assembly.

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Operating out in the open

Many parts of the wind turbines are not protected by some kind of building structure and they have to operate in places where accessibility is difficult and expensive. The towers and nacelles of wind turbines also have to be exposed to the outer climatic conditions before the assembly for a long period of time. Such a long period of time can have a toll on the overall condition of the parts. Especially the fluctuating temperature and humidity level can wear off the equipment even before they are assembled for operation.

Airborne moisture directly affects the operating reliability of the system

The corrosive air laden with moisture along with the combination of acidic salts (generally from the nearby stretches of the sea or atmospheric pollution) causes corrosion in the nacelles and towers while they are being transported. These factors also often give rise to the development of unwanted microbial organisms and molds.

The structure, coating, mechanical, and electronics all are affected by the corrosion which contributes to the service interruptions and poor condition of the wind turbine as a whole.

Eliminating problem with controlled humidity

You can make your operation of the wind turbine easier with the use of our Ambale Dehumidifiers. This equipment is designed to control the dew point of the air and to filter most of the corrosive salts present in the air. 

Ambale provides solutions which are Cotes wind dehumidifiers are the most viable option which will protect the wind turbine plant from the corrosive nature of humidity in the air. These dehumidifiers also limit the effect of acidic salts in the wind turbines.

You can easily keep nacelles and towers as well as the expensive equipment in peak condition for a longer period of time with our specialized Ambale dehumidifiers. With such great advantages, you can save a ton of costs in maintenance. 

Ambale Dehumidifier solutions are available and are supplied in Hamilton, Tauranga, Napier, Northland, Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown, etc and in all cities in New Zealand. Contact us by sending an email to