Remote Monitoring System for Vaccine Storage Freezers

Vaccines are highly sensitive medicinal products. Their fragile nature makes them vulnerable to various environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. The appropriate storage and handling of the vaccine are some of the most important issues in immunization. The immunization against any disease partly depends on the proper storage and handling of vaccines. The potency of the vaccines can reduce greatly if it is exposed to humidity and temperature outside the recommended range. Even a small error in handling and storage of vaccines can cost millions of dollars in wasted vaccine and revaccination. This also causes concerns to the public about the overall effectiveness of the vaccine. Hence it is suggested that instead of vaccinating with mishandled vaccine doses it is better not to vaccinate at all. Good immunization practice is based on proper storage and handling of the vaccines. read more on Deep Freezer Monitoring for Hospitals in NZ

Vaccines must be kept in the most optimum condition from the time of manufacture until their administration. The cold chain handles the proper maintenance of vaccines during their transportation. A supply chain with temperature control and all the necessary equipment for the storage and transport of vaccines is the most ideal to maintain the quality of the vaccine.

Remote monitoring system by Ambale Co.

Vaccines’ fragile nature makes it necessary to be stored and transported in presence of remote monitoring systems that are capable of alerting even the slightest of environmental changes to the user. it helps the user to be aware of the changes that can threaten the quality of vaccines, samples, and products. When someone is responsible for handling critical vaccines such as Covid-19 vaccines, medical tissue samples, and other medical goods he or she must be aware of the danger looming around especially when the products are not in sight. The conditions in which these products are stored and transported must be monitored all the time. Hence such people need continuous temperature monitoring devices as well as other environmental monitoring devices to protect the quality of the product. Read more on Real-Time Monitoring Systems for Hospitals. 

The CDC also has clear regulations of keeping all the records by medical institutions and offices of the procedure and condition of vaccines storage and handling. It is more important for the newly developed Covid-19 vaccines which require ultra-cold vaccine storage. it has been observed that the potency of the vaccine can decrease when they are exposed to an unsafe temperature range even for few minutes. Once the effectiveness of the vaccine is gone it cannot be restored and becomes totally useless.

There are some vaccines that show visible signs of losing effectiveness by becoming clumpy and discoloration. Such vaccines can easily be taken out of use but the challenge lies when a vaccine does not show any sign at all. But CDC also has strongly denied that only the appearance of the vaccine is not the indicator of the potency of the vaccine. Each year we hear many cases of patients being sick due to the injection of ineffective vaccine. This can cause a loss of confidence among people in the vaccination program. Read more on Different types of Wireless Sensors for Real-Time Monitoring Systems

The CDC has recently imposed stricter regulations for the storage of vaccines for children. Now it is imperative to have all the monitoring devices with a digital data logger to make sure vaccines are continuously stored at the correct temperature and humidity condition. Our company Ambale Co. is one of the leading companies in New Zealand that supplies remote monitoring systems to vaccine storage facilities. Our monitoring system helps to keep a record of all temperature data so that they can download it anytime they require it. Our products are available in all the major cities of New Zealand such as Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Queenstown, Napier, Dunedin, etc. All our equipment is customizable to fully meet the requirements for vaccine storage compliance. 

With our monitoring system, you can easily verify the vaccines are kept in the optimum environmental conditions as per the requirement of CDC. Our monitoring systems are capable of monitoring all kinds of freezers be it a standard freezer or an ultra-low freezer temperature. The Ultra-low freezer temperature monitoring system is capable of monitoring the temperature as low as -80 degrees Celsius which is necessary for the storage of Covid-19 vaccines. Our remote monitoring system also helps the user to monitor other factors in the storage facility such as power failures, water leaks, equipment failure, etc. The monitoring system can easily be connected with the phone or computer and can easily send warnings and alert messages to the user via email, phone call, or text. Our monitoring system has the most cost-effective early warning system.

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