Dehumidification during Filling and Packing

Filling and packing is a part of the manufacturing business. It is done after the production part is done. It does not mean that we can put our guard down and be careless. Humidity level needs to be maintained even during the filling and packing process. The quality of the products still can suffer if the right climatic condition is not provided. All the hard work done to protect the quality of the product can go to waste. Food products, chemical, and pharmaceutical products are mostly affected by humidity. Many chemical and pharmaceutical medicines are hygroscopic in nature which means they readily absorb moisture from the air. This will make the product go lumpy and sticky. The shelf life of these products is going to gravely suffer. Only with the use of absorption dryers and process air conditioning these products can be safely filled and packed. Read more about Dehumidifiers for Storage Dispatch and Transport, Dehumidifiers for Logistics, and Dehumidifiers for Storage Areas. 

Packaging of Some of the products such as granules, dragees, agent powder, and pharmaceuticals can be quite tough because they show an affinity towards humidity. It is quite common to find that the whole batch of these products being damaged in a matter of time. Keep them for few moments in high humid air and the whole batch goes sticky and lumpy. Hence during the filling and packing of such products the humidity must be maintained at a very low level. special attention must be given to the packaging of medicinal products as it is related to the matter of life and death. 

Our highly efficient dryers help to protect hygroscopic bulk material

The installation of absorption dryers helps to ensure process air conditioning during filling and packing. The absorption dehumidifiers are highly popular in numerous chemical and pharmaceutical industries. we have various model variants of the dehumidifiers which come with great adjustability. These models contain two separate air ducts which help to control the flow of air with a simple adjustment. They also come with internal heat recovery and a high level of resilience proving them one of the best dehumidifiers available in the market. 

Some of our dryers are ranked as “D” type because they come with duoventic air volume regulation. With this system, the two fans of the dehumidifier can be controlled separately with infinite electronic regulation. This makes them more energy-efficient and highly compatible with any kind of plant. 

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