Swimming Pools – “One of the most humid place found ever”

There are two types of dehumidifiers namely the condensation type and the desiccant type. The most suitable solution for a swimming pool would be a condensation type dehumidifier.

Dehumidifier installation in swimming poolA condensation dehumidifier is a unit that reduces the level of moisture in a room and throws away the moisture outside the room in the form of water. This is the concept of condensation. Dehumidifier for swimming pools works best when it is a condensation dehumidifier.

Why do you need a Dehumidifier for Swimming Pool in New Zealand?

In the earlier days, the dehumidifier for the swimming pool was never an option as very few knew the advantage of this concept. Back then, the existing air in the indoor swimming pool is used to be replaced by the fresh air coming from the outside. The fact is that the outdoor air is good for comfort but to warm this new air, a lot of power used to be consumed.

The awareness of energy consumption and the rise in energy prices has resulted in saving power drastically, especially when it comes to dehumidification. Due to this issue, most of the swimming pool spaces have started to recirculate the air as much as possible. Sometimes, heat exchangers and heat recovery is also a great solution as it helps a drastic decrease in price for energy consumption.

Problems faced due to Humidity in Swimming Pool areas:

  • As swimming pools are continuously giving out lots of moisture content in the surrounding air, these environments go through a lot of damage due to this kind go water evaporation:

  • Mildew is a major concern. Mildew is formed all over the ceiling and walls of the swimming pool spaces. This is very unhygienic and leads to bacterias growing all over the place.Dehumdiifier fd360-tcr for swimming pool application

  • Condensation can be observed at all corners of the pool area. The glass and the walls of the swimming pool are always damp.

  • There is often a lot of damage which occurs to the building itself and the structure due to the condensation.

  • Bad odor is one of the biggest problems. This makes it very uncomfortable for the people inside the swimming pool area to breathe. Breathing such air also causes people to fall sick.

  • As the area is always condensed with moisture all over the indoor swimming pool, it tends to become very slippery and it can be dangerous at times for people moving around.

What is the best way to dehumidify a swimming pool area in New Zealand?

The most ideal way to remove humidity and bring the levels to the apt conditions is by using a condensation type dehumidifier. Swimming pools are always wet and humid, therefore, the moisture content available in the air in such spaces is a continuous and a regular problem.

Swimming pool dehumidifier & its applicationsAmbale recommends Fral dehumidifier for swimming pools in New Zealand as they are extremely efficient and serve the right purpose for the swimming pool areas.

Fral Dehumidifiers are of the condensation type machines which are made and manufacture in Italy. Ambale suggests Fral dehumidifiers for swimming pools in New Zealand because they have various features and advanced technology inbuilt in them.

Fral dehumidifiers from Italy work smoothly in such spaces and adjust the moisture conditions in the air at optimal values of 65% relative humidity to 70% relative humidity. This is the desired humidity range for swimming pools.

Why does Ambale suggest Fral Dehumidifiers for Swimming Pool in New Zealand?

Ambale suggests Fral dehumidifiers from Italy to be the best solution for swimming pool areas which suffer from condensation problem. Fral dehumidifiers work on a continuous basis to efficiently bring down the levels of humidity to the desired conditions and that would be a range between 65% to 70% relative humidity.

These units are equipped with the highest technology and have automatic operational techniques. Fral Dehumidifiers are supported with a humidistat for controlling the levels of humidity in the air.

Small Pools and Large Pools:

For smaller swimming pool areas, Ambale provides a solution to install environmental dehumidifiers in Auckland, New Zealand. These machines are of great modern designs that can be installed visibly in the pool areas. Swimming pool dehumidifierA few other solutions are where supplementary heating systems are also attached to these dehumidifiers. These units are compact and can be easily installed in technical rooms along with other machines.

For large swimming pool areas, Ambale recommends the industrial ducted dehumidifiers from Fral, Italy. These units are specialized in controlling both the humidity and temperature conditions.

In such situations where large swimming pools are concerned, the number of users is many hence, the requirement is also big when compared to the smaller pool areas.

One very special aspect about Fral dehumidifiers is that they have the capability of having high resistance towards corrosion. This corrosion is caused by the chlorine used in swimming pools and the salt content in the environment.

These units also include various accessories along with the device:

  • For the supplementary heating purpose, these machines have a hot water battery

  • They have electrical resistors

  • They include cataphoresis treatment of the evaporator

  • These machines are completely made up of stainless steel body

  • All the dehumidifier units have a digital humidistat along with a thermostat

  • The devices also include a static head increase

Fral Dehumidifer supplier in New ZealandThere is a special dehumidification calculation conducted to understand the exact capacity of humidity removal to install dehumidifiers for swimming pools. Ambale supports all technical queries regarding these calculations and gives the apt solution for any requirement.

Please contact our technical team at Ambale by sending us an email at info@ambale.co.nz to get the best Dehumidifiers for Swimming Pool in New Zealand.

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