Dehumidifiers are machines useful for lowering the moisture levels in various spaces under various conditions. Dehumidification is required and is a must in the food industry.

Dehumidifiers For Dairy Processing in New Zealand

The dairy processing industry in New Zealand, as we understand is a very sensitive sector of business as it involves natural ingredients. These natural components can spoil very easily. New Zealand is a great market for dairy products and processing. The dairy industry has very uncompromising control over storage and production conditions. This also involves unwavering hygiene.

Problems and Issues faced by Dairy Processing Industries in New Zealand:

  • Unexpected hygiene problems occur due to uncontrolled airborne moisture

  • Condensation occurs on building structures and sometimes all one the facility which gives mold issues

  • The quality control is largely affected because of high levels of moisture

  • When production conditions are not consistent, it risks profits and damages the brand reputation

  • Fighting against fluctuating humidity in various places around the processing facility is a task

These are all problems faced by almost all the companies and factories which run dairy processing in New Zealand and humidity is one of the major concerns for them.

When humidity levels are controlled and set at the right desired conditions, better production and better hygiene is ensured

Dairy Products Processing Challenges faced due to Humidity in Auckland, New Zealand:

Accelerating user expectations and better living conditions along with global commerce have resulted in rapid growth in the dairy processing industries. As these are extremely sensitive products, they have to be processed in very good conditions. If the quality maintained is poor, then the brand will be drastically demolished and at the same time, it decreases profits for the company too.

Dairy products are very delicate and perishable. They continuously need good conditions to be stored in and need an effective end to end production control to be done consistently. These companies are also very strict with the standard-compliant regime for good product quality and commercial growth and success.Ambale Desiccant Dehumidifiers for Dairy Processing Facilities in NZ

Unfortunately, the excessive humidity levels create havoc for such industries and processing units by bringing down the rating of the organization as a whole of proper measures aren’t taken.

How to get rid of humidity in Dairy Processing Facilities in New Zealand?

Risk is the worst thing for any business. Ambale gives you solutions that are apt for such issues and problems. Ambale ensures the removal of humidity present almost in all the areas, fluctuating continuously along with the seasonal and weather changes.

When moisture is not controlled, bacterial growth does not take time and is very fast. This creates all the issues related to hygiene. All dairy industries and dairy processing units have compliance to follow and important quality standards. Ambale provides solutions with Cotes dehumidifiers which give a complete end to end control over the conditions in the air throughout the dairy processing setup. This helps in maintaining consistent compliant standards, product quality which is important for the commercial growth of the company.

Cheese and Dairy Products need Humidity Control in New ZealandThe positive effects of humidity control are that it brings in more energy efficiency and also temperatures are controlled accurately. This is all very essential while running a dairy processing company or facility.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of dehumidifiers for dairy processing are great as it allows the products to be hygienic and safe for consumption. Few of the benefits are :

  • Consistent and controlled conditions exist at every stage such as processing, packaging or are it storage

  • The expense of managing the humidity levels throughout the dairy processing facility is lowered after installing a dehumidifier

  • Ambale helps its customers reduce costs on energy consumption and any operating costs by using the Cotes heat recover modules as solutions

  • These dehumidifier solutions are better, have good product quality

  • It becomes very easy to comply with the food safety standards and hygiene based rules and regulations

How Ambale solutions stand out in New Zealand?

Ambale suggests dehumidifiers from Cotes, Denmark to solve such problems of Hugh humidity in dairy processing units. These units are:

  • Extremely compact, reliable, and also robust. They can be fit into all kinds of installations

  • These dehumidifiers are available with automated and advanced precision control systemsAmbale Dehumidifiers for Dairy Processing in New Zealand

  • This helps in recording parameters for future usage and understanding

  • These units are designed in such a way where they comply with great hygiene habits

  • Cotes dehumidifiers always support energy efficiency. They also have very minimal operating costs

Ambale Solutions for Dehumidifiers in Dairy Processing in Auckland, New Zealand:

Ambale is always bent on giving the right solution for the right product. Dairy processing is an industry where the best fit would be a Cotes dehumidifier. Various dairy processing companies around the globe have benefited by using Cotes’ unique technology in dehumidification.

Particular models from the Cotes dehumidifiers are best suited for such requirements depending on the configuration and size of the dairy processing units based on where the air needs to be managed and humidity to be controlled. Of course, there is capacity calculation essential for such applications, as there are various factors to be considered. The number of windows and doors and other kinds of opening from where the outside air can pass through are few of the parameters to be considered significantly.

The dehumidifier units are extremely versatile and belong to the large flexible range. They are also very price friendly in terms of configurations which can be used for the dairy processing facilities and units.

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