Shipment Monitoring for Hospitals

Health care products are highly sensitive to environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. When a health care product is shipped from one place to another we should not just be worried about the final delivery but we also have to keep track of the conditions in which it is being shipped, because in the adverse condition the products can easily get damaged and cost significant economic loss and valuable time for the hospitals. Ambale Co. provides real-time monitoring systems for shipment for hospitals all over the country of New Zealand. You can easily track the condition of the shipment from start to finish inside and out.  Our monitoring systems help you to gain monitoring solutions so that you can ensure the product reaches its destination in the top-notch condition as desired. Read more about Real-time temperature and humidity monitoring in Hospital rooms. 

Solution 1:  Temperature sensor logger with a manual switch to turn on and off

Sending the shipment

First of all the temperature sensor is switched on manually and attached to the shipment.  The user may choose to mount the logger to be mounted fixedly in the transport box. The measurement from the device starts according to the predefined sensor-specific delay period. The upper and lower temperature limit is also predefined in the device as per the requirement of the client.

On the road

The temperature sensor logger by Ambale Co. measures the temperature in the interval of every five minutes by default. With an integrated gateway, the temperature sensor sends the data in real-time. Hence the user can monitor and track the shipment in real-time even when the shipment is on the road. If the user opts not to install a gateway then the measured data is stored in the internal memory of the device which can be retrieved later by the user.

At destination

After the shipment reaches the destination the user has to simply take out the temperature sensor and switch it off. There are LED indicators to show the temperature deviations occurred during the journey.  The red light in the device indicates that the desired temperature range has been breached during the course of the journey and the green LED light indicates that the deviation that occurred during the journey was between the predefined temperature range.

In the presence of the Ambale Co. network, the device will connect to the network automatically and provides the user will all the data to the user. Read about various sensors in real-time monitoring systems in NZ.

The user can get the logger report to see various factors during the shipment process. He or she can get the shipment ID, sending time, and location as well as the time of arrival and the location. The shipment duration also can be found in the report. Other things that can be retrieved are the maximum and minimum temperature reached during the shipment as well as the average temperature value.  If the user wants to get detailed temperature reports then he or she also can obtain them from the logger report icons. Read more on Real-time Monitoring systems in New Zealand. 

Solution 2: Automated end to end reports with Temperature sensor logger

This solution is almost identical to the sensor one but the sensor does not come with a manual switch.  In this type of solution, the temperature is installed in the shipment or as per the requirement can be mounted on the transport box. The measuring automatically starts when the shipment departs for the destined location which is detected by the network joining activity among the sensor and gateway. In this solution also the temperature is measured by the temperature sensor in the interval of five minutes by default. The temperature sensors keep on sending real-time data to the Ambale Co. service with the help of a getaway.  In the absence of a gateway the temperature sensor stores the data of the measurement. Upon reaching the destination the temperature sensor connects with the network and provides the user with all the necessary data.

Solution 3: Smart package with integrated sensor

The solution is also almost like the solution 1 and 2. The main difference between the two previous solutions is that the sensor and the functionality of the switch are combined as a part of the package.  The functionality of the switch is assimilated with the lid of the package and responds to the opening and closing of the package. The sensors monitor the temperature continuously and all the data is stored and sent in real-time in almost identical ways as in the solution 1 and 2. Upon receiving when the packaging is opened the switch status information is automatically sent to Ambale Co. service.

Ambale Real-time Monitoring Solutions

Ambale Real-time Monitoring Solutions are manufactured in Europe which are well suited for various requirements.

Ambale Real-time Monitoring systems are available and supplied in Auckland, Wellington, Northland, Christchurch, Fiji, Hamilton, Queenstown, Tauranga, and all parts of New Zealand and Fiji. Please contact our technical team at Ambale Co. by sending us an email at or call us on +64 22 061 7007. We believe in providing perfect solutions with great quality and service.