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Dehumidification in a Bakery

Using sugar icing in bakery goods is a very popular trend. But sugar has an extreme hygroscopic property which makes it vulnerable to moisture. Humidity for bakers is almost like a nightmare. It is the number one enemy of bakery items. Moisture attacks the bakery items and slows down the production speed. It can turn the bakery items into useless scrap in just a matter of a period. Managing humidity has been a great challenge for even the most experienced in the field of baking. Even the most efficient and well-managed production team has been found struggling while managing humidity. Read more on Dehumidifiers for Cake Baking and Storage. 

The two main ingredients of the bakery are flour and sugar. Both readily absorb moisture from the air and become sticky. After absorbing moisture these items become moldy and unhealthy to consume. Another concern created by humidity is the safety concern among the worker because of the slippery floors in the working unit. . Controlling humidity in the Confectionery industry is also very essential. 

Most bakers opt to store part-baked items in a freezer. However, a freezer can be highly humid because of all the condensation process going on and the storage of products with high moisture content such as fruits. It is one of the leading reasons for the delay in production in the bakery. Whenever the air enters the freezer through inlet and outlet the air comes in contact with the cold surface of the freezer causing the moisture to condense. In case of too much condensation, the production has to be stopped for cleaning and defrosting. The temperature has to be readjusted before the production process starting. Such a long downtime for cleaning and unclogging have huge implications commercially. Valuable time wasted, tons of material wasted, damage of products, etc. all can add up and cause huge loss to the manufacturer. Aside from the economic loss, it can also damage the overall goodwill of the manufacturer. Read more on Dehumidifiers for Hygroscopic Materials. 

The condition in which baked goods are stored also plays a great role as humidity and temperature play a great role in determining the overall quality and shelf life of the good. The crisp crust or the crunch in the crackers can be lost due to high humidity. Without control in the temperature and humidity mold development poses a great challenge to the manufacturer. Not only humid conditions but too much dry condition is also bad for the products. Items such as cakes and sweet rolls which are expected to be moist and soft can dry out in overly arid conditions. Read about Dehumidifiers for Chocolate Manufacturing in NZ. 

Dough proofing is another important part of baking. The fermentation process in baking needs to be controlled properly for the best results before baking. Yeast is the major factor required in fermentation but yeast is very sensitive towards the environment. The fermentation process carried by yeast is affected by temperature and humidity levels. As dough proofs, yeast is responsible to give the dough a distinctive aroma and modification of gluten within it. The ideal humidity level for dough fermentation is considered to be 75 percent to 80 percent according to the requirement. Many bakers opt to use dough proofing cabinets aka dough fermentation rooms to get better control in the fermentation process. The formation of skin on the dough is avoided with the help of humidity control inside the room. It is a known fact that the drier the air the crustier the bread becomes during baking. With the help of climate control technology, the required temperature and humidity levels are maintained to get the best production.

Solutions by  Ambale Co.

Ambale Co. offers customized solutions for the baking industry. Our desiccant dehumidifiers help the user to achieve dry and tempered air which is important for various areas in the baking industry. These dehumidifiers help you to ensure great quality of air in production areas, pneumatic conveying, freezers, and coolers. Our products and services are available in Fiji and New Zealand. Napier, Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Queenstown, Dunedin, Christchurch, etc. are some of the major cities where we provide our services.

Our Desiccant Dehumidifiers help to ensure great product quality throughout the year irrespective of the season. These dehumidifiers are the best option for the dehumidification of pneumatic conveying. You can get the most consistent cooling performance that is sure to increase productivity. The downtime is visibly reduced to a great extent as well as the waste production. The production management team has to spend less time managing the humidity which results in a focus on other aspects of production. It also helps to gain hygienic storage and transportation of the product. Our dehumidifiers are highly energy-efficient and hence reduce the overall energy consumption of the plant. With ice-free areas and fewer defrosts the cleaning requirement is significantly reduced.

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