Maintaining Humidity in Chemical Manufacturing Plants

Chemical production is a very sensitive procedure and that is why they require careful monitoring of conditions. Fluctuations in the climatic conditions because of change in the level of moisture in the air poses serious threats to the operations procedures. This also increases the overall production cost of the products. There are many Chemical Factories and Warehouses in New Zealand. These facilities need to consider dehumidifier installations to avoid risks while manufacturing. 

Without control over the humidity level in the manufacturing plants, the producer will have to face different kinds of difficulties.  The multiple aspects of chemical products will be hard to maintain on a consistent basis. The quality of the products can vary from one batch to another which is a huge danger alarm to the goodwill of the products. With high humidity in the air problems such as clumping, being sticky are observed as many chemical products are hygroscopic in nature. Process glitches due to equipment blockage because of clumping and congealing are also quite common. The service and operational costs will be on the higher end due to long downtime and maintenance costs. There is also a great demand for Dehumidifiers for Iron and Steel Production, Dehumidifiers for Product Drying and Storage, and Dehumidifiers for Shipping and Machinery in New Zealand. 

Effective control of the specification of the air is one of the most vital things during chemical production. They are necessary because of the health and safety parameters as well as for operational efficiency and profit margins. Airborne moisture has big impacts on the chemical properties of the chemical and hence airborne moisture levels are considered to be a key parameter for air specifications in chemical production. Humidity has a dominos effect on other key parameters of the environment like temperature and air pressure.

Many chemicals due to their hygroscopic nature absorb moisture readily and hence it is a great challenge to the manufacturer to keep the integrity of the multiple aspects of chemical production. The main thing that is observed is the hygroscopic materials easily clump together and congeal which creates a blockage in pipings and other fittings. This can stop production for a long period of time bringing the overall production to a halt. 

Full Control of Humidity is Important

The only way to eliminate these problems is to gain full control over the humidity level. This will assist the manufacturers to reduce danger and uncertainty at every stage of production from manufacturing to storing to transporting to the retailers. 

Ambale Adsorption Dehumidifiers (Desiccant Dehumidifiers) and Ambale Condensation Dehumidifiers (Refrigerant Dehumidifiers) are considered to be perfect products for the chemical industries depending on the requirement. Ambale Dehumidifiers are supplied in Wellington, Tauranga, Hamilton, Napier, Northland, Auckland, Christchurch, etc. and all across NZ. 

These units will help you remove undesirable and uncontrolled humidity in the most cost-effective way. Our dehumidifiers will help you maintain the controlled climatic conditions as per the specification all throughout the year regardless of the season or weather. This will put in front to supply products of consistent quality in the market. These dehumidifiers are also cost-effective so they will go easy on your energy bills. You can get rid of the clumping and blockage problems that could halt the production. The maintenance cost of the plant is also significantly reduced with our dehumidification system.

Ambale dehumidifiers are known for their exceptional reliability even in very harsh climatic conditions. The monitoring systems are highly advanced which provides the customers with a great deal of flexibility in the control system.

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