A data logger is a device which records a particular parameter which is later on used for study and analysis.

Now, talking about data loggers we should know that Temperature data logger is one of the most common and widely used devices in the world. There may be only a few applications which do not need a temperature monitoring.

A Temperature data logger is a device (a unit) which records the temperature in a particular range of space at regular intervals. This data is stored in the memory space of the unit. As and when required, this data is downloaded or viewed for any kind of usage or analysis.

A temperature data logger is extremely essential because temperature as a parameter is very important and a required entity for many applications. Temperature needs to be maintained at different levels and needs to be controlled at those levels correctly. If not done so, then disasters or destructions could happen.

A temperature data logger is mainly used in applications like pharmaceutical warehouses, cold stores, freezers , pharmaceutical vehicles which carry medicines and vaccines, vaccine storage cool boxes, etc. Here, medicines and products which are Pharma based are all supposed to be stored and manufactured at different levels of temperature. In case it deviates to a large level, then the products may not be of the required quality and durability.

A temperature data logger is also used for server rooms and data centers in a large scale. Temperature needs to be maintained critically in server rooms and large data centers as this is a very crucial space for the companies. If something goes wrong with parameters here, the company may face huge issues with a server shut down.

A Temperature data logger is used in applications like food industries. For example, chocolate factories require Temperature data loggers. Vegetable and fruits storage companies require temperature data loggers.

Temperature data loggers are also used in logistics companies. Logistics Companies have a great potential to use these loggers as they have cargo material being stored for different companies. These items can be food, medicines, any kind of products, frozen food, etc. All these warehouse which are logistic based, will need various ranges of temperatures to be monitored and maintained.

Now, understanding the temperature data logger in terms of few main features would be:

Single use Temperature data logger

These temperature loggers are used just once and cannot be restarted once use. Data can be downloaded once the start and stop button is clicked correspondingly.

Multiple use temperature data logger

These are multiple use loggers which can be reprogrammed and used as many number of times needed. Data can be downloaded by these loggers.

Multi Channel Temperature data logger

Multi Channel temperature data loggers are units which are connected to thermocouples for recording the data and then it can downloaded too.

Bluetooth based temperature data logger

The bluetooth temperature data logger works on the principle of bluetooth technology.

Wireless or Wired type temperature data logger

These are temperature data loggers of two different types, Some are the wired kinda and some are the wireless kind.

Now all of the above are available with the temperature parameter.

We may not be able to list each and every usage of temperature data loggers, but we understand that including the most simple application which is inside a house ,they require a temperature data logger or monitoring in hot countries.