Dehumidifiers are machines built to reduce the moisture levels in the surrounding air in an enclosed environment. Dehumidifiers in NZ are extremely important and necessary as the country is humid throughout the year. Dehumidification in New Zealand is considered an important solution for many businesses to run carefree without having to go through any product damages and environmental issues that may be related to his humidity.

Dehumidifiers for Iron and Steel Factories in Nz

Dehumidifiers for Iron and Steel Storage in NZ is one such application. The iron and Steen industry is a huge and massive sector of business. Huge machinery and equipment are a part of regular business for such companies. Dehumidifiers for Iron and Steel Storage in Aukland is an essential parameter to maintain a good quality of the product and value of the brand.

Dehumidifiers for Iron and Steel Storage In NZ Results in Less Damage, Reduces Waste and Limiting Complaints

Iron and Steel when combined with moisture in the air, equal to rust formation. If the air moisture levels are not controlled in Iron and Steel Storage Facilities, drastically negative consequences are prone to occur.

Few of the problems which may arise due to high levels of moisture in the air are:

  • Corrosion starts to occur on Iron and Steel plates, rolls, semi-finished products or girders
  • When the Iron and Steel is stored in such air conditions, there is a huge impact on the quality of the productDehumidifiers for Iron and Steel Factories to prevent from Rusting
  • It gives rise to compensation payments and too many customer complaints and dissatisfaction
  • Warranty claims increase

When Humidity levels are Controlled, Corrosion is Prevented and Product Quality in Maintained

Humidity Issues in Iron and Steel Storage in New Zealand:

Metal and Moisture are the worst ever combination. When the humidity levels in the surrounding air are beyond the desired levels, corrosion occurs in no time while these items are in storage. This is irrespective of the plate, form of rolls, girders, or products which are semi-finished. 

Uncontrolled moisture levels, and the corrosion caused by it, largely and quickly impact the value of the iron and the steel products while in storage.

How to Avoid Glitches and Corrosion by using Dehumidifiers for Electronic Storage in NZ?

If the relative humidity levels in the air go higher than the required limits for certain products, Corrosion starts to flourish on the surfaces of the metal in case of Electronic Items. This usually happens when the moisture levels are more than 60% relative humidity.

Ambale has the best solution for Dehumidifiers for Electronic Storage in Auckland, NZ. Ambale Dehumidification suggests the Cotes machines perform very well for such applications. Cotes dehumidifiers are very compact, cost-effective, and reliable machines. These units work under harsh conditions in tough environments.

Ambale dehumidifiers in Auckland help eliminate the problem of corrosion and condensation as a whole.

If Iron and Steel are maintained and kept in controlled air conditions, they prevent condensation and corrosion from even occurring on the metal surfaces of such items. This results in ultimate customer satisfaction for the storage operations and supports in keeping down the costs and limiting compensation problems, claims, and complaints.

Benefits of Ambale Dehumidifiers for Electronic Storage in New Zealand:

  • Helps maintain a good quality of iron and steel products anywhere, leading to corrosion not happening at allAmbale Commercial dehumidifier for Steel factory in New Zealand
  • The product quality is well maintained as the humidity levels are under control
  • Minimizes insurance claims and damages to products
  • By using the heat recovery module from Cotes Dehumidifiers, the energy consumed is also quiet low comparatively
  • All humidity related damages are taken care of and corrosion does not occur in fittings, structures, and any other equipment
  • Building Maintenance costs are lowered drastically

Ambale Dehumidifiers for Iron and Steel Industries in NZ



How do Ambale Solutions Stand out for Dehumidifiers for Iron and Steel Storage in New Zealand?




Ambale recommends Cotes Dehumidifiers from Denmark to be the best solution in reducing humidity problems in iron and steel storage facilities in NZ. The Cotes units are:

  • Robust machines, Reliable devices, and Compact
  • These dehumidifiers machines have a long service life comparatively
  • The Ambale suggested Cotes Units are built for resilience
  • These machines are capable of removing a large quantity of moisture content from  the surrounding air conditions from large volumes of air 
  • These units perform very well in harsh environments in extremely tough industrial conditions
  • The Cotes dehumidifiers have additional modules like the heat recovery module which helps in energy consumption
  • These devices have advanced precision control systems for specific requirements
  • Energy Efficiency is Exceptional

To understand which dehumidifier suits best for the room size of the iron and steel facility, a calculation has to be done. This calculation is referred to as the capacity of humidity removal per hour or per day.

Parameters such as the volume of the room, temperature maintained inside the room, current humidity levels, desired humidity levels, air flows, etc. are needed for calculating the capacity.

Sometimes, information about the opening and closing of doors and other ventilation inside the rooms may also be required.Large ducted dehumidifier machines for steel factories in NZ

Dehumidifiers for Iron and Steel Storage in NZ helps in maintaining great standards for the business and builds a good market for exporting these products to other parts of the world.

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Ambale believes in providing perfect solutions with great quality and services are highly sensitive products.