Dehumidifiers are of 2 types – “Condensation” and “Desiccant” These two types are further categorized as Domestic type, Commercial type and Industrial type.

The condensation dehumidifier is a machine which helps to remove moisture from a room and throws the moisture out of the room collected by the machine in the form of water.

The desiccant dehumidifier is a machine which helps to remove moisture from a room and throws the moisture out of the room collected by the machine in the form of wet air.

This is the basic difference between a condensation dehumidifier and a desiccant dehumidifier.

Here, we will be understanding the most rugged machines under the range of dehumidification which are called the “Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifiers”.

“Industrial”– refers to a rough and tough environment. Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifier is a machine which promises to bring down the levels of humidity as required in very harsh conditions. It can be a big, huge or massive area which needs to be humidity controlled – Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifier is the best solution for the same. Industrial sectors, logistics sections and supplier operations – nearly any of these process need an enduring dehumidification system. Be it the safeguarding of the products, retaining machines for their value, protecting the inventories and structures (buildings) from corrosion, mold formation and condensation issues.

Also, there is another very important point to focus on when it comes to these machines. The desiccant dehumidifiers have the capability to operate at very low temperature levels. They can operate between the range of -25 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius. The Industrial desiccant dehumidifiers have the ability to operate at this wide range of temperature in big spaces and huge areas. To be precise, these devices handle an air volume of more than 15,000 meter cube per hour. The industrial desiccant dehumidifiers are robust and high performing dehumidification systems. These are perfect solutions with constant benefits when it comes to drying applications. These are high capacity units and perform efficiently at low dew points. They basically meet any kind of requirement.

All Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifiers are manufactures and developed to meet the highest quality standards. They exclusively involve well organized components of the best and latest technology which is supplied by leading component manufacturers.

The Industrial Desiccant machines inherit a heat recycling process which is inbuilt in the machine. They also possess high level of performance and resilience as they have special sorption rotors. They can sustain any weather condition. These desiccant dehumidifiers are the most economical solutions of their kind. Some of these machines are also built and tailor made depending on specific parameters and requirements.

We have few applied benefits of the industrial desiccant dehumidifier:

  1. All the units have a sir direction reversal which can be configurable
  2. They have few standard features like manifold functions
  3. These dehumidifiers are high efficiency machines due to their modular assembly design
  4. These can be set up easily by any individual as they have great and user-friendly manifold equipment options

The industrial desiccant dehumidifiers are very big machines and to select these machines for various requirements, a capacity calculation has to be conducted. Below are parameters you may consider to calculate the capacity of humidity removal for these machines:

  1. Dimensions of the place (Length x Width x Height)
  2. Temperature maintained (Degrees Celsius)
  3. Current humidity level (%RH)
  4. Desired humidity level (%RH)
  5. Air flow (Cubic meter per hour)

There are many other parameters which may have to be considered depending on the application like the-

  • Outside air temperature
  • Door size for the room
  • Supply air and return air conditions
  • Specific Installation requirements
  • Pressure levels in the room, etc.

With all these details you can select the right dehumidifier machine for your requirement. For assistance you can contact us and we will conduct the calculation and let you know which unit is suitable for your need.

The Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifier has unlimited applications, few of them are mentioned as below:

  1. Agriculture and Livestock
  2. Construction Industries
  3. Food Industries
  4. Cold Storages and Freezers/Chillers
  5. Hygroscopic Materials Industries
  6. Metal Surface Protection and Treatment
  7. Pharmaceutical Industries
  8. Cargo Industries
  9. Frozen Food Factories
  10. Armed And Security Forces
  11. Clean Rooms and Laboratories
  12. Breweries

and many more.

The industrial desiccant dehumidifier models are manufactured to give great results in humidity control. The design and make of our dehumidifiers are best for easy installation and less maintenance.