Dehumidifiers are divided into two types namely;

  1. Condensation type dehumidifier
  2. Desiccant type dehumidifier

Here, we will try to understand the condensation dehumidifier concepts and applications. Condensation type dehumidifiers are also referred to as the refrigerant type dehumidifiers. The condensation dehumidifiers are based on the notion of “Condensation”. These units have a refrigerant gas inside the unit, hence a refrigerant type dehumidifier. These units work in a particular manner and mechanism where the dehumidifier will suck in the air from the room, then it separates the moisture content from the sucked air. This separated moisture content will be condensed into water and will be filled in a tank (to throw away later) or discarded automatically via a drainage pipe connectivity. Now, the dry air is pushed back into the room. This is the basic procedure of how condensation dehumidifier works and functions.

Condensation dehumidifiers are again subdivided into many kinds depending on various parameters. Few of them are:

  1. Wall mounted type condensation dehumidifier
  2. Floor mounted type condensation dehumidifier
  3. Ducted type condensation dehumidifier
  4. Ceiling Mounted condensation type dehumidifier

All of the above types are based on the kind of installation which needs to be done depending on different applications.

We also have another subdivision of condensation type dehumidifiers which depends on the application base. This would divide the structure and the usage of the units such as:

  1. Domestic Condensation type dehumidifier
  2. Commercial condensation type dehumidifier
  3. Industrial condensation type dehumidifier

Here, the Domestic condensation type dehumidifier is mostly used for native utilization. These would be for homes, offices, labs, restaurants, etc. These are mobile units and mostly floor mounted. The domestic type of units are mostly just plug and play systems. They normally have a variety in capacity. But the most used range in capacities are 10 liters per day, 20 liters per day and 40 to 50 liters per day of humidity removal. These units normally have a digital control on top of the unit for easy settings. They are compact and small unit’s and can fit into small spaces comfortably. These units have tanks and they store the condensed water in these tanks which is discarded later.

The Commercial condensation type dehumidifiers are known to be installed and used in slightly bigger spaces but not very rough conditions. Commercial condensation type dehumidifiers are used in exhibition centers, conference halls, etc. These are trolley type or floor type portable units. These Commercial units are normally with drainage connection pipes for the condensed water to be discarded automatically. Sometimes few lower capacity based units under the commercial category have tanks.

The Industrial condensation type dehumidifiers are known to be of floor mounted, fixed type, ducted type (largely) and also ceiling mounted type. They are used in warehouses, swimming pool areas, food industries, pharmaceutical companies, etc. These industrial condensation units are by default with drainage connectivity pipes as they are large capacity units and they cannot accommodate tank facility.

Condensation type dehumidifiers are units and devices which work well when ambient temperature maintained inside the room is above 15°C. Any temperature maintained below this range will need a desiccant type dehumidifier.