Now we already know how a real time monitoring system functions and works. For a briefing, a real time monitoring system is made to monitor various parameters and store this information in the cloud and is made accessible via a secured ID and password. This data is then used for understanding the conditions in a particular space.

There is an important parameter which a real time monitoring systems monitors. This is the power failure monitoring systems. The power failure monitoring systems are sensors which can detect when the power goes off and the system is about to shut down. Now, this is a very critical situation and is a huge damage to the compete system in case it is not taken care of.

Power failure monitoring systems work on a very simple concept which has a sensor connected to the power connection and the sensor triggers the alarm immediately once the power goes off. Power failure monitoring systems are used in almost every application as we have been talking about.


Warehouses need power failure monitoring systems so that the products stored inside the warehouse are safe enough and in the proper conditions they need to be in.

Cold Stores and Chillers

Cold stores need power failure monitoring systems. Here temperatures are much on a critical level so it needs to be maintained correctly.

Data centers

Data centers would not be able to run without the power failure monitoring systems. A power failure sensor is by default installed in each and every data center or a server or a server room. This needs to be detected and monitored regularly.

Food storage rooms

Food storage rooms need power failure monitoring systems. Food is an edible commodity. We cannot take any chance on food as quality of the food is extremely important. Else it will be a huge loss.

Power Failure monitoring systems are a part of most real time monitoring systems. This is one of the sensors which is connected to the real time systems. Just like how temperature, humidity, pressure, door lock sensors, etc. are connected to real time, a power failure sensor is also connected. This is a simple way of installation and is not a very expensive product. It can be integrated into all kinds of real time monitoring systems very easily.

Power failure monitoring systems are parts of systems which have the features like the:

  1. Wifi connectivity
  2. Ethernet connectivity
  3. RF connectivity (Radio Frequency)
  4. Cloud connectivity
  5. Alerts Based systems

Power failure monitoring systems are real time monitoring systems which are used in various kind of requirements like the Airlines and third party logistics companies, Hospitals and healthcare, production companies, automobile companies, environmental monitoring, Refrigerators and chillers, etc. Power failure monitoring systems are used in small clinics where refrigerators store critical medicines and vaccines. These refrigerators have to be monitored in terms of power failure.

Power Failure Monitoring Systems are used as only sensors without the main real time monitoring systems at times. These can be easily installed in no time.