Desiccant dehumidifiers are units which reduce humidity levels in a closed room. “Desiccant” is a concept which removes moisture in the form of wet air. This is unlike the condensation method where the moisture is removed in the form of water.

Desiccant dehumidifiers are also called as “Adsorption Dehumidifiers”. These machines are of the domestic and the industrial type and called the Domestic Desiccant Dehumidifiers and the Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifiers. Here, we will talk about the Domestic Desiccant Dehumidifiers. Firstly, we have to understand that a domestic desiccant dehumidifier would be used for domestic environments such as homes, offices, etc. Secondly, the condensation dehumidifiers use the process of dehumidification based on dew point and the desiccant dehumidifiers use the sorption principle. In the sorption process, there is a vapour pressure gradient which exists between the moist air and the hygroscopic sorption agent. This gradient is used to discard the water from the air. This is how a desiccant system functions.

Speaking about domestic desiccant dehumidifiers, there is a basic category called “Granules”. Dehumidification done through granules is preferred in applications where there are small and closed boxes or containers. Granules are like pouches in small bag like packets or they are stored in small containers. These are used to protect sensitive materials during transportation and storage. We all have seen granule packets kept in new electronic gadgets, handbags, clothes, pharma products, etc. This is not a very great alternative to dehumidifier machines as they are single time solution. They cannot be regenerated so you will have to keep buying it again and again. Once the sachet is saturated, it must be immediately replaced. It ends up being a very uneconomical solution on the long run.

It is a completely different perspective for electric dehumidifier machines as they use desiccant rotor wheel with high level of hygroscopic material which is the silica gel. This helps in withdrawing all the water molecules from the air flowing and which is sucked through the desiccant wheel.

The domestic desiccant dehumidifier machines are generally best suited for small space applications. They could be:

    1. Wardrobes areas
    2. Desk Drawers spaces
    3. Bathrooms areas
    4. Shoe racks
    5. </ol

and many more.

The applications mentioned above are all areas which are extremely small in size thus, very tiny machines can fit in and do the job correctly. Also in such areas small domestic desiccant dehumidifiers will be very useful as there is no water generating out of the machine which needs to be separately discarded. Here. In domestic desiccant dehumidifier, the moisture from the room is removed in the form of wet air. These are highly efficient machines are very user friendly.

Many may assume that dehumidification is not really needed for wardrobes, shoe racks, desktop drawers, etc. In fact, if people start using these machines in such areas, things will start to live longer and fresher. Bathroom areas and shower rooms are the most humid places in the house. These areas need dehumidification without a say.

The domestic desiccant dehumidifier can be very easily selected as there would be a very small range of capacity required. This is because the room volume will be very small. Mostly, the needed capacity for these areas will be around 5 to 10 liters of humidity removal per day. These machines tend to be very small in size too, so it is very easy to place it in smaller areas.

Domestic desiccant dehumidifiers are very economical machines and are very easy to use. They are just plug and play devices. They only need a power connection and they are good to go. With such less requirement, they show amazing results. As said, these are the most simplest machines available in the range of dehumidification and they seem to be building a great market for itself.

Few special features for Domestic Desiccant Dehumidifiers:

      1. These units work non stop. They do not have a defrost pause as they use the technique of desiccation
      2. These units have the ability to perform at low temperatures such as 5 degrees Celsius and they perform at very high levels
      3. These systems work anywhere between temperature range of 1 to 35 degrees celsius
      4. It has an operation called the “ Automatic Comfort Dehumidification”
      5. These are very highly efficient machines
      6. These machines are made compact and are very light in weight

Domestic desiccant dehumidifiers are devices to be placed in every home to have a fresh and healthy environment.