Humidity control to reduce risk

The people who are in the business of manufacturing or producing food and beverage products in NZ and around the world know that it is very important to implement an effective hygiene regimen to decrease any kind of risk related to bacterial growth and infection. If not then it can be impossible to implement the agreed hygiene standards. 

In New Zealand, the rise of pooling condensation and corrosion and many other hygiene-related issues can be related to uncontrolled airborne humidity. Although people cannot see the moisture in the air they can definitely feel all the negative effects of the moisture. It is far more expensive and difficult to deal with their consequences than to simply prevent them. The impact of humidity is such that it can halt the production of the plant by damaging electronics and types of machinery. The downtime caused due to repair and maintenance can greatly impact the earnings and reputations. Humidity control is essential for most food applications in NZ as the humidity in the country throughout the year is pretty high. 

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Controlling humidity is the most effective method to control the growth of molds and bacteria. This might seem an unfamiliar idea to many people but more and more people are looking for ways to control the humidity to maintain better hygiene standards. The most important thing is to control the dew point of the air effectively which will help to control the airborne humidity. This will help to end the commercial risks associated with the business.

Breweries and Food Manufacturing

The controlled temperature and humidity conditions are the most basic requirement of various parts of the brewing process. The required temperature is different for the different processes which makes it tough to control the humidity. Ambale Dehumidifiers have the entire range starting from Domestic Dehumidifiers to Commercial Dehumidifiers to Industrial Dehumidifiers. This makes it easy to choose the exact type suitable for an application. These dehumidifiers are available in both the Condensation type units and the Desiccant type units. Our engineers at Ambale Co. can help with Capacity Calculation and suggest a suitable dehumidifier model for your requirement. 

If the humidity is not controlled then there are various impacts we can see during the brewing and food manufacturing process. The cold surfaces such as pooling on vessels, floors, cold surfaces, pipes, and equipment can have condensation formed. This can cause a lot of corrosion which in turn damages building structures, pipes, fittings, and equipment.  It poses a great challenge to comply with the required hygienic standards due to the development of molds and bacteria. Installing only air-conditioning systems in the plant will only result in large energy bills and won’t really solve all the practical problems. The service and maintenance costs also are very high because of the damage excess moisture can inflict on equipment.

The food manufacturing and brewing process is generally a multi-faceted craft which is essentially a condition-sensitive process. A lot of careful temperatures and humidity control is required in all the steps of production. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to control the humidity level of the air naturally as per the requirement. Installing a dehumidifier of proper performance capability is the only reliable way to control the humidity of the air. Read more on Dehumidifiers for Milling processes. 

Ambale dehumidification systems in NZ will enable the staff working in the plant to have control over the conditions of the air at every stage of food manufacturing and brewing. With the specialist technology, the controller can easily determine the required dew point of the air to reduce the problem of condensation. With the installation of our dehumidifiers, you will be able to deliver quality food and beverages to fulfill the demand of the market.

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