Dehumidifiers for Milling Processes

Milling is a very common process used during the production of many types of products. Various types of tools are used for the process of milling. The milling process is a very simple process that uses a milling cutter to grind materials into smaller pieces. The basic and the most important part of the miller are the cutters which are of different types. These millers are used to grind materials such as pharmaceuticals, sugar, grains flour, etc. The milling process can be quite challenging in humid conditions. Many of these products are highly hygroscopic in nature. These products become sticky after the absorption of moisture from the air. These sticky substances cling to the grinding machine preventing the smooth process of milling. In such a scenario, it is not possible to have effective pneumatic conveyance from one process to another. Check out more information on Dehumidifiers for Product Drying and Storage. 

In presence of humidity, the powdering process is very difficult, and gaining smooth powder becomes a tedious task. The quality of the powdered product is very poor and the process also takes a significant amount of time. The quality and process of milling are significantly impeded due to the presence of moist air.

Ambale Co. is a New Zealand-based company providing all kinds of solutions related to air moisture. We are known for our impressive high-quality dehumidifiers all over New Zealand and Fiji. Our services are accessible in most of the major cities of New Zealand. Some of the cities include Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown, Dunedin, Tauranga, and Wellington. Our dehumidifiers are capable of operating throughout the year in all kinds of weather and seasons. These dehumidifiers help the users to prevent various issues by giving great control over the humidity level and dew point (dew point is the point of temperature where the moisture of the air begins to condense) of the air. By controlling the dew point of the air users can prevent the condensing of the water vapor on the machinery walls. Our dehumidifiers are used in every step of milling. These dehumidifiers are the most effective way to control humidity in silos, during product haulage, and around milling machines. Read more on Dehumidifiers for Hygroscopic Materials. 

Operating of Desiccant Dehumidifier

The operation of the desiccant dehumidifier is very simple. It simply sucks the moist air making it pass through a rotor. The rotor revolves slowly and absorbs the moisture from the air. The dried air is then circulated out in the environment which decreases the level of moisture in the air. The dried air pumped out in the air ensures desired humidity around the silo, milling machine, pneumatic conveyor, etc. With this, the machines and raw materials remain dry and clog-free.

Grain Milling and Conveying

Moisture is one of the most important things for the kernel of seed for germination. Life in nature begins when the seed comes in contact with moisture. But moisture is a devastating thing for storing and grinding seeds. The quality of the flour significantly dips due to the presence of moisture. The storage life of the grains also largely decreases when kept in a high humid area. Only dry air helps to increase storage life and good quality grinding.

It is said that grains having a moisture content of more than 10 to 11 percent are not ideal for storage and grinding. Hence before grinding the grains should be exposed to dry air to eliminate the moisture in the grain. Our dehumidifiers help to extract the moisture from the grains by providing a constant flow of dry air in the storage area. By controlling the humidity in the milling and storage area high-quality grain flour can be achieved. Read more about Humidity Control in Food Storage NZ. 

Condensation can occur while transporting the flour from a silo or milling machine with the help of air pressure. Condensation can cause the flour to lump and get sticky. Spoiled flour can be a total waste. Hence it is a great idea to dry the conveyer by running dry air before transporting the flour pneumatically. It basically prevents any kind of condensation during the cooling of the product after the processing. This helps to eliminate the problem of flour getting lumpy and sticky. Our dehumidifiers provide a hygienic and free-flowing system in the milling process.

Deliver a Top Quality Product to the Customer

Milled powder of sugar, salt, flour, dehydrated lime, etc. can be protected from humidity with the use of our product. Keeping the container dry by preventing condensation in transport containers is a very important thing to avoid substantial costs and additional cleaning. Our desiccant technology help to ensure high-quality dry air all the time in the container during transportation. With this technology, we help to protect milled goods in transit even in the harshest of conditions.  The tanker is kept dry even on a very cold morning or when is snowing heavily outside. It also helps to reduce the wash downs by four-folds.

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