Conditions of humidity at Waterworks in New Zealand can be quite high. In such facilities, dehumidifiers are the utmost required for the protection and preservation of equipment, pipes, pumps, and the building itself.

A large amount of condensation occurs on metal surfaces if the relative humidity is very high in such areas. The paints on the water pipes peel off and corrosion occurs on a very high scale. This increases the expense of maintenance costs and also results in a reduction in the lifetime of the building.

Dehumidifiers for Waterworks in New Zealand

This kind of environment which contains a lot of moisture accelerates the growth of mold and fungus. This gives rise to mosquitoes that thrive in such a humid atmosphere. The eggs of these mosquitoes are then deposited on open reservoirs which results in extremely unhealthy and unhygienic conditions for the facility.

The water temperature maintained is around 5 degrees to 6 degrees Celsius. This means that the pipe’s surface temperature is also nearly the same. The dew point temperature has to be always lower than the surface temperature to avoid any kind of condensation.

The requirement for Waterworks in New Zealand is that:

The temperature maintained inside the Waterworks facilities should be at least 2 degrees Celsius higher than the temperature of the water. Simultaneously, the relative humidity value also has to be kept on a low level. To have such a result, the Dehumidifier for Waterworks in NewZealand is very essential.

Some of the usual problems faced by waterworks in Auckland, New Zealand owners include:

  • Corrosion and condensation occur ring around fittings equipment and structures

  • The conditions of a are more favorable for bacterial growth and microbialLarge Desiccant Dehumidifiers for Waterworks in New Zealand

  • The maintenance and operating costs are relatively high and the power consumption is also very high

  • Hygiene standards are very difficult to achieve in such conditions

  • The environmental conditions for the staff members who work for Waterworks facilities are not safe enough

How to have full control of humidity in Waterworks in New Zealand?

Ambale suggested Cotes dehumidifiers of the adsorption type are the best to control dew point in the air which results in simply no condensation at all. This is not a very expensive procedure but it is largely effective. This helps in fighting against condensation and its effects.

All kinds of cross-contamination and issues related to compliance are taking care of and prevented if condensation does not take place and the control over humidity is taken get off.

Ambale recommended Cotes dehumidifiers are very effective over the complete range of temperatures between -15 degrees Celcius and 35 degrees Celsius.

Cotes is one of the only dehumidifier technologies that effectively work at such low temperatures which are frequently found in waterworks in New Zealand.

Cotes dehumidifiers have a great advantage compared to the other condensation traditional Solutions. They have ultra-reliable fans fitted on the units which create an overpressure, resulting in the distribution of control humidity in the air throughout.

Benefits of Ambale Solutions in Dehumidifiers for Waterworks:

  • Complete control over the air conditions is maintained throughout the Waterworks facilities

  • The problems which occur due to corrosion and condensation are eliminated around fittings, equipment, and structures

  • These dehumidifiers give uninterrupted service for all requirements and ensure reliability

  • The operating costs and maintenance cost are lowered and power consumption is also on a very low levelDesiccant Dehumidifiers for Waterworks

  • Hygiene standards are achieved very easily with the help of Cotes dehumidifiers provided buy Ambale

  • Results in good health of all staff members who work at Waterworks facilities

How Ambale solutions are the best for Dehumidification of Waterworks in New Zealand:

  • These units work and perform very well at unusual temperatures between -15 degree and 35 degrees Celsius

  • Dehumidifiers from Cotes, Denmark are the only machines which have an adsorption technique with heat recovery modules

  • Controlled humidity is available throughout the facility with no extra fittings required

  • These dehumidifiers have maximum flexibility and they also inherit comprehensive control options

Ambale suggested Dehumidifiers for Waterworks in Auckland, New Zealand:

The best cost-effective solutions Ambale provides are the dehumidifier units from Cotes, Denmark. These units have advanced configurations in terms of handling issues and problems which occur depending on the layout size and the particular set up of the waterworks.

It also depends on various other parameters of the air conditions within that concerned environment.

There are few more essentials considerations to understands the exact models which can be suggested for waterworks facilities which are the specifications of the humidity levels in the surrounding air and also their fluctuations regularly.

Very efficient Ambale Dehumidifiers for WaterworksAmbale is well experienced in being a part of such projects and most of the time the recommendations are the Cotes dehumidifier machines which are the best for such applications. Cotes dehumidifiers perform at a very high scale and result in great problem-solving. This results in huge customer satisfaction maintaining the reputation of companies and facilities taking care of such requirements.

The dehumidifier machines are from the Cotes all-round range and the larger range. If a Cote’s energy recovery module is attached to these dehumidifier machines, it acts extremely well for energy saving. This results in low operational costs and maintenance expenses.

Our global experience in humidity control machines indicates the above models to be exceptionally versatile in solving the problems of excessive moisture in waterworks facilities.

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