Commercial condensation dehumidifier is a system which is used majorly for commercial applications. So, let’s talk about what a condensation dehumidifier does?

A condensation dehumidifier is responsible to remove moisture from a room and throw it outside the room in the form of water. The most simple type of condensation dehumidifier is the domestic condensation type dehumidifier. The commercial condensation dehumidifier is used for slightly rough conditions. These units may have a water tank facility inside the machine to store the condensed water or may also have an option where the condensed water is drained out via a drainage pipe. Depending on the application we have to decide whether we need a domestic condensation dehumidifier or a commercial condensation dehumidifier. Commercial condensation dehumidifiers may be wall mounted, floor mounted or even duct mounted. Mostly commercial condensation dehumidifiers are floor mounted. They are commonly trolley type machines. The trolley type machines are portable and handy. They can be moved as and when required from one place to another. One machine can be used for multiple applications at different times.

The trolley type commercial condensation dehumidifiers are very popular as they have 2 advantages:

  1. They serve slightly harsher environments when compared to the domestic ones.
  2. They are mostly portable machines with easy and user-friendly operations.

The commercial condensation dehumidifiers have a varied range of capacity. They usually range between 20 liters to 150 liters of humidity removal per day. The lower capacity machines usually have the option of a water tank inbuilt in the machine and also a drainage pipe to discard water automatically. The higher capacities would stick to having only the drainage pipe option as the tanks would not suffice to hold on to a large amount of water condensed. Mostly, the commercial condensation dehumidifiers preferred would be the capacity in between 90 to 150 liters per day of humidity removal. This range is suitable for slightly rough conditions and also for slightly bigger spaces.

Now let’s understand how to select a commercial condensation dehumidifier. Firstly, commercial dehumidifiers can be condensation type and also the desiccant type. Here, we will try to understand how to choose the condensation commercial dehumidifier for a particular requirement.

How to select a condensation commercial dehumidifier?

Condensation dehumidifiers have an operating range between 10 to 40 degrees Celsius. Applications, where the temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius, would require desiccant type dehumidifiers.

If the area is small, then a freestanding or a portable type system would be preferable. If the area is medium sized, a portable system or a wall mounted system would be preferable. If the area is big, a wall-mounted or a duct mounted system would be preferable.

There are a few parameters we need to remember before selecting a commercial condensation dehumidifier:

  1. We have to know if you need to duct the machine and make arrangements for the inlet and outlet duct connection. If this is the case, a ducted dehumidifier is required.
  2. Be it a ducted system, a wall-mounted system or a floor mounted system, a drainage outlet provision has to be made to discard the water.
  3. Depending on how big the room size is, we can select dehumidifiers with slightly high air flow capacity. This will allow the circulation of air inside the room and will evenly help in removing humidity throughout the room.

Commercial condensation dehumidifiers are used in various applications. Few applications would be:

  1. Art Galleries and Museums
  2. Server Rooms
  3. Restaurants
  4. Basements
  5. Small Warehouses
  6. Dairy Farms and Poultry Farms
  7. Goods Storage Area
  8. Laboratories
  9. Construction Sites
  10. Water Restoration
  11. Vegetable and Fruits Storage
  12. Automobile Spare Parts Storage
  13. Dehumidification for Storage, Dispatch, and Transport
  14. Sports Facilities
  15. Gym and Spa

and many more!

All the above applications need dehumidifiers and it all has to be the condensation dehumidifiers as the temperature for all above applications will be in the range of 10 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius. To calculate the capacity of a commercial condensation dehumidifier, you need the below parameters:

  • The dimension of the room ( Length x Width x Height)
  • Temperature maintained in the room (degree Celsius)
  • The current Humidity level in the room (%RH)
  • The desired Humidity level in the room (%RH)
  • Airflow (cubic meter per hour) – if known

The above details will allow us to calculate the capacity of humidity removal for a particular room and help us in choosing the right commercial condensation dehumidifier.