Dehumidification is an important requirement in New Zealand as the humidity levels in the country are quite high throughout the year. Dehumidifiers are needed to be installed in various indoor spaces and applications to manage businesses run smoothly, to have people breathe fresh and healthy air, and to maintain spaces and environments.

Dehumidifiers for Shipping areas and Dehumidifiers for Machinery Rooms are a growing requirement in New Zealand.

Dehumidifier for Shipping and Machinery Rooms to control excess moisture

Auckland, Wellington, and many other cities in New Zealand have cargo facilities and shipping areas. These businesses run on a very large scale to handle cargo goods and services. These facilities also consist of Machinery rooms that need to have proper air conditions for the proper functioning of the machinery.

Shipping Areas and Machinery Rooms in New Zealand:

It is very obvious that the equipment and cargo get seriously damp during shipboard operations. If you happen to put such expensive equipment and cargo away wet, you will surely experience problems such as:

Moisture related damages to the cargo goods as well as to the equipment and important machinery

Due to the damaged cargo, there will be high insurance claims and customer complaintsAmbale Mobile Desiccant Dehumidifiers

It leads to a large amount of condensation which gives rise to bacteria and mold growth

Operating costs and maintenance costs become very high and return on investment is also very poor with shorter service life

Increased service costs

With Controlled Humidity, there us less Risk to Cargo Damage

Challenges due to Humidity for Shipping Areas and Machinery Rooms:

  • Cargoes and above all else boats and aboard ships get completely wet. As it is very difficult to dry them again, ideal air conditions for bacterial growth and mold creation quickly arise.

  • Cargoes get damaged and start to deteriorate resulting in dissatisfied end users, displeased recipients, and shippers.

  • Sea Water consists of corrosive salt content. High levels of moisture and any kind of pooling of water in closed areas are the main reason for surfaces to get corroded. Corrosion also occurs on equipment, fittings, in areas which are most unaccessible like the tanks, lockers cavities which are tucked away, etc.

  • The Deck borne Cargo is always exposed and the cargoes in hold and containers are most vulnerable and in complete contact with corrosive airborne moisture.

How to Eliminate the Problem of Humidity in Shipping Areas and Machinery Rooms?

Corrosion always exists in excess humidity spaces which are enclosed and especially present with salt-laden seawater. And once the cargoes, fittings, structures, and equipment are affected by thus corrosion, they start to deteriorate. This is a very expensive and cumbersome process to get away with.

People working in shipping factories - Why a dehumidifier is neded?Prevention is always better than cure and amble Dehumidification is the best prevention method in taking care of such facilities. Dehumidifiers for Shipping areas and machinery rooms in New Zealand are the best solutions for corrosion problems and controlling dew points of air in enclosed spaces.

In this way, corrosion would not occur in the first place as the dew points are well controlled by the Dehumidifiers installed and if the air conditions are well maintained within its boundaries of 65% Relative Humidity and 20 degrees Celsius temperature.

The dehumidifiers for shipping areas and cargo facilities in New Zealand abolish almost all the moisture-related corrosion issues that are normally encountered in Maritime storage Setups.

Ambale Dehumidification Benefits for Cargo Facilities in New Zealand:

  • It protects any damage happening to the machinery and equipment and the cargo due to any humidity in the air

  • There are very few customer complaint issues and insurance claims because of any damages cargo or shipment

  • Operating costs are low and return on investment is good

  • Longer service life

  • The maintenance costs and service costs are also very low as the dehumidifier units are very user-friendly

  • Once these units are installed they can be forgotten as they perform continuously without any hassles

How Ambale Solutions Stand Out with Dehumidifiers for Shipping Areas and Machinery Rooms in New Zealand?

  • The dehumidifiers are very versatile and compact machines which can be well fitted anywhere in the facility

  • These units are built for tough and harsh environments, long service life

  • The Cotes dehumidifiers are easy to service and very easy to operateAmbale Industrial Dehumidifier for Shipping Companies

  • Power consumption of these dehumidifier machines is relatively very low

Ambale Dehumidifiers for Maritime Storage Facilities in New Zealand:

Ambale suggests Cotes Dehumidifiers from Denmark as the best-suited solutions for dehumidification for such applications. Ambale is well experienced in dealing with customers worldwide in terms of dehumidification and air management.

The Cotes Dehumidifiers functions extremely well for specific maritime requirements. This normally depends on the size of the space and also the moisture content you need to remove from that particular space.

There are also other parameters required depending on what kind of application you need to dehumidify. A few of the important parameters are current levels of humidity, desired levels of humidity, temperature maintained in that particular space that needs to be dehumidified, air flows, etc.

With all the above details and a site inspection, Ambale can recommend the best dehumidifier for Maritime Storage Facilities in New Zealand by calculating the exact capacity for the removal of unwanted humidity in the air.

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Ambale believes in providing perfect solutions with great quality and service.